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Learn More About Solo 2

Out there, different brands are compared against each other at large. When talking about portable vaporizers, the Solo 2 type emerges to be one of the best options in the market. It has been equipped with different gimmicks and gadgets, making it work efficiently and easy to use.

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How to use

This is a new session style vaporizer in the market with conduction/convection heating. Has been designed with two different parts, which are the stem and the body. With it, you should worry less about losing any small portion, but you only need to stay careful not to break the glass. For those who have gotten chance to use it, it is among the existing user friendly vapes you should try out. The best thing about this vaporizer is its simplicity to operate. You are assured of only quality and consistent results if you try it out.


You will not find that solo 2 is picky with grinding even if you consider grinding your materials to a level they attain medium grind at large. You will find other people also considering putting a full nug whenever they need to use it instead of considering doing some grinding a little bit. An important thing you should stay careful with here is avoiding a chunk of herbs at individual draw holes.

If desired, you can consider using one of the screens supplied, but then, it is not right to and consider not packing it such that it’s too tight. Use the stem to scoop the herb and then tamp down lightly. There is need you to ensure you carry out enough tamping where the herb is seen right inside the vaporizer stem so that it doesn’t get in contact with your heater. Make required adjustments for about half an hour, and it will be ready for use.