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Let us say you just got a new door but you need a lock for it, well you call The Lock Father because The Lock Father has the ability to take very good care of your locks. Having a door that cannot be locked can be very dangerous because it might endanger your own life or might put your stuff in danger. However not every door needs a lock, there are many different types of doors with or without locks and each one is good or bad for something and we are going to talk about some of the different types of doors and locks. Firstly, there are doors that do not have locks such as spinning doors. They have four sides and they are spinning when you walk towards them and that is how you get through. Then on our list we have doors with sensors, these doors are usually made out of glass which can be re-enforced or not and these doors do not have locks.

The Lock Father can provide the custom lock you might need for your door.

Doors with sensors open when you get close enough to them and they open automatically. These doors as well as spinning doors are great for stores so people do not have to manually open doors on their own. Also, spinning doors can be automatic which means they rotate on their own and that they are moved by an electro motor powered by electricity, but spinning doors can also be manually rotated which means whoever enters through the door, whoever he or she or it may be, he or she or it needs to use their own force to push the door and spin it until they are in.

The Lock Father

Those doors however can be locked too, because they might have an electronic lock that is usually used in stores when they stop working. There are also electronic locks for ordinary doors and this is due to the fact that people usually do not like carrying their keys around with them, they like to keep their “key” in their mind.

That is where those electronic locks come in because they often come with some numbers and all you need to do is enter the right code and the lock will unlock itself easily. There are many different types of electronic locks and they can be found on cars for example. Locks on cars unlock when you or someone else presses a button on the electronic key which gives the signal to the car to unlock. Another type of electronic lock is the one that opens by fingerprint. First of all, the lock needs to remember your fingerprint and then later when you use your finger to unlock it, it will remember it and it will unlock itself, you only need a right touch. Although these types of locks sound very useful and practical, they are usually very expensive which is why people usually choose regular locks.

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